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History of
Reno Baptist Church


The Shamblee community developed and a church was built, but this was not convenient for the communities of Reno, Greeley, Giles, and Caffee Junction. The church at Shamblee deteriorated. It stood vacant for a long time. In the early 1900s there was no church or school in the Caffee Junction area. People decided that they needed a church and school for this community. A two-story building had been built for a lodge or community center about 1910. Sunday School classes were held on the first floor of this building . The next church was near where the present Church of God of Caffee Junction. For some reason the church divided and a group went to T.C.I (Tennessee Coal & Iron) to lease of buy some land to erect another church. It was built by E.A. Gamble and voluntary labor. It was understood that the Baptists owned it as long as it was in use. It was later deserted for lack of funds.

The Church of God bought the little Baptist Church near the railroad. During the depression, the church on the hill went back to T.C.I. churchIt was sold later to the W.A. Money family and then to Latham George. Reno (Caffee Junction) Baptist Church was built after the depression in the early 1940s across the highway in front of Bill and Nancy Baugh's house. It was built by Mr. Rosen, Mr. Bryant, and other help. Later it burned and church service was held in Millner Bryant's house until the present Reno Baptist Church was built in 1962. 

On August 4, 1962, Reno Baptist Church held groundbreaking services to begin its new building. The church is situated in the community of Caffee Junction on Highways 11 and 5 in Tuscaloosa County. The old church building was destroyed by fire in 1961. The new building was not erected on the old site, but was erected on an acre of land donated to the church by the Nicholson family.

Since 1976 the church has purchased 12 to 14 acres of land and a parsonage. They established a cemetery and fenced it in. They built an education building, including a fellowship hall and kitchen. The church has been remodeled twice, inside and out. The family life center was built and is now used as a sanctuary.

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